Do you agree that we should make it a goal to to meet the right of each citizen of Illinois to have a safer and cleaner water? I think we see more hands waving their agreement to this campaign. Yes, as we all know, Illinois plays a major role in our aquatic systems of North America. Due to the agriculture, industrial pollution and the invasion of alien species, most of the Illinois’ waters has been severely affected negatively, thus, the  campaign for a safer and cleaner waters is a great call.

Clear water

With this blog, you will be brought to a large community of interactions to support this campaign. We will be at your back as you call on for more improvement in bringing back the pristine look of Illinois’ waters, which they used to look like. This blog will be a positive proof of how much we yearn for a safer and cleaner waters of Illinois, and this will also serve as a voice for those who should hear this campaign.

Join us as we take the steps closer to a better Illinois environment and make a difference to the whole community. Learn more from this blog and let us altogether protect the Illinois’ waters!